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Meter-Maid Ruined My Day!!!

February 14, 2009

Kvon Dodge Charger

Last week I had my windows tinted (extra dark just how I like ’em). It took two hours and the car battery drained while they were doing it from having the doors open and interior lamps on. They quickly charged the battery back up and I was on my way. Then a few days yesterday I pulled into a parking spot and went to put money in the meter. It was out of order, so I thought to myself, “What a lucky break, I don’t have to pay to park here now”.

I left the car running so I could keep the radio playing and the air conditioner on while I jumped in the backseat and got on my laptop to answer a few emails.

Through my tinted windows I saw a parking meter attendant walk up to my car then the meter. I thought, “This guy will see it’s out of order and leave me alone”. Next thing I know he is slapping a ticket under my windshield. I jumped out and said “Can I help you?” in a very condescending Beverly Hills voice.

He was surprised I was in the car since he could not see me and said… “oh, uhhh? No.”
“What is this ticket for??? The meter is out of order!” I demanded.
As he scurried to his metermaid mobile he called out, “It’s for leaving the engine idling in an unattended vehicle.
“Unattended… I was sitting in the back!!!”
“Well if you’re not in the front… it’s unattended. Take it up with the court.”

And with that he motored away. I’m not an angry man, but I was furious. I inspected the ticket and thought “$40 for this!” Defeated, I turned off the car so as not to get more tickets. I left my radio on and pounded out 10 more minutes of emails. I then got in the front seat turned the key….


I called for a tow truck which cost $40 to come jump my car. So the $%#@damn expired meter cost me $80.


World Tour …

February 14, 2009

K-von w/ Maz Jobrani "Brown & Friendly Tour" 

Hi Friends…

Currently I am on a World Tour w/ Maz Jobrani. It has been amazing. We kicked it off in my hometown of Las Vegas right before New Years 09.

All the show dates are listed on , but here are a few of the places we are going to just to give you an idea.

Dallas, San Francisco, Irvine, Tempe, Dubai, Kuwait, Washington DC, Houston, & many many more.

Please support a couple of guys on a journey to improve the relations between the US and the middleast and laughing the whole way!!!