Letter to Parents from Europe… (Decoded)

Clothes To Travel Through Europe In

  you know how all kids go to europe around the time they are graduating from college?

  eventually they send a postcard to their parents while on this trip to update them.

i was thinking parents need a way to decipher what the kid is really up to so I did that below…

    Hi Mom & Dad-

I’m loving Europe!  I do not like the museums so I’ve been spending more time experiencing the culture (drinking a lot).  The economy is thriving and I find that many women here are working professionals (hookers).  Compared to America, the medical care here is top notch (I think I’ve contracted an STD).

I’ve developed a new appreciation of international music (I’m in Ibiza) and I’ve been using this time to find out about myself (I might be gay).

Wish you were here (glad you’re 3,500 miles away),



One Response to “Letter to Parents from Europe… (Decoded)”

  1. Bb Says:

    My dad sent me a letter like this when he moved to Europe. Minus the gay.

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