U2 is the Greatest Band of All Time and This is Not a Discussion… Proof Below

I once posed the question who is the greatest band of all time. The answers I received were horrific.

THEREFORE, in HONOR of U2 and their lifelong work, and the fact that I’m going to see them this weekend and most likely be backstage with Bono and the gang by the end of the show… I’m putting all of you doubters to rest. By the time you listen to each of these songs once you will never disrespect me & the greatest band of all time in any way ever again (if you have a brain or ear for talent that is)  🙂  !!!

1. album – War
a. Sunday Bloody Sunday
b. New Years Day
c. Like A Song
d. Two Hearts Beat As One
e. 40

2. album – Unforgettable Fire
a. Pride In the name of love
b. Bad

3. album – Joshua Tree
a. Where the Streets have no name
b. I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
c. With or Without You
d. Running to Stand Still

4. album – Achtung Baby
a. One
b. Mysterious Ways
c. Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
d. So Cruel
e. Ultra Violet Light My Way

5. album – Zooropa
a. Numb
b. Stay Faraway So Close

6. album – POP
a. If God Will Send His Angels
b. Staring At the Sun
c. The Blind Leading the Blind

7. album – All That You Can’t Leave Behind
a. Beautiful Day
b. Walk On
c. Elevation
d. Stuck in a Moment
e. Peace On Earth
f. Wild Honey
g. When I Look at the World

8. album – How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
a. Vertigo
b. Miracle Drug
c. Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
d. City of Blinding Lights
e. Love and Peace Or Else
f. Original of a Species (watch the video to this on youtube. Not one human being in it. Amazing)
g. Yahweh

9. album – No Line On the Horizon
a. Breathe
b. Moment of Surrender
c. Get On Your Boots
d. Magnificent
e. No Line on the Horizon
f. Standup Comedy (hmmm its as if they know im listening!!)

a. Desire
b. Paint it Black (cover)
c. Unchained Meloday (Cover)
d. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Cover)
e. All I Want is You
f. Do They Know it’s Christmas (best Xmas Charity song of all time)
g. This Christmas Baby Please Come Home (best Xmas song of all time)
h. Here She Comes
i. The Sweetest Thing (Best Song Aplogizing to a wife for missing her bday of all time)
j. Jesus Christ (Best Religous Country Cover song of all time)
h. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
i. Electrical Storm
j. The Hands that Built America
k. Always
l. I Will Follow
m. Angel of Harlem
n. When Love Comes to Town (best blues song of all time, even BB King is on this track playing)
o. The Saint’s Are Coming (with Greenday)
p. What’s Going On (multiple Artists)
q. When the Stars Go Blue (w/ the Coors)
r. God Part II
s. A New Day (w/ Wyclef Jean)

This list does not include any Techno Songs which have been remixed and are the best Techno songs of all time as well. Including what Paul Oakenfold did to make himself famous.

Also this is just their recognizable songs. This list does not include their hundreds of artsy or more off beat songs that most people would not like until they heard them a number of times because it’s not bubble gum pop that is easy to digest. And of course once you do listen and pay attention to the lyrics and that they actually have meaning (sorry Nirvana, you know I still love you) you can not help but have even more respect for the four highschoolers that met randomly in Ireland and formed a good old fashioned rock band. Plus, I missed about 20 songs that belong on this list because it’s 5 in the morning and I should be asleep.

So I’m sorry… BEATLES WHO? RED HOT WHAT? Aerowhen? ROLLINGwhere????

And anyone that has a different opinion, that’s ok, just know that it is wrong. I FREAKIN DARE YOU!



8 Responses to “U2 is the Greatest Band of All Time and This is Not a Discussion… Proof Below”

  1. Anahita Says:

    This is sold proof that you are CRAZY!
    I LOVE it.
    I always thought I was insane, now I know there is someone more insane out there than myself, and it makes me feel better.

    Thank you

  2. Mina Says:

    I’ve been actually trying to put this into my friends’ heads for the past i’ve lost count!!!! lol I actually went to the rose bowl and had the best time ever!!
    though, to this day i still don’t know which i like better, War or Joshua Tree….
    i enjoyed reading this though…but i think you should I’ll go crazy if i don’t go crazy tonight to No Line on the Horizon. 🙂

  3. Maura Reulet Says:

    I’m not 100% sure I agree with this, but I think you’ve got a good discussion started and you’ve definitely given me and my wife some things to consider.

    • K-von Says:

      well as long as you 95% agree with it. then you are in good shape. after all, what other band has so many great songs that you can listen to?

  4. Pisha Says:

    Okay, your sexiness has officially registered off the friggin charts…

  5. Matt Elwood Says:

    John Lennon had more talent in his left testicle than Bono had in his entire body!!

    The Beatles were/are/always will be the greatest band this miraculous earth as ever produced!

    End of story

    • K-von Says:

      ur comment is so packed full of stats and reasons that defend your argument it’s really hard to come up with anything. wow, you’ve really done it. you my friend are an expert debater, but here goes…

      …and what exactly is so good about john lennon? the fact that they had a very good band? i’ll agree. the fact that they got popular in a time when the whole world was changing and so they were in the right spot? totally!

      be honest with yourself… they have about 14 tolerable songs (the beatles). the rest is ridiculous garbage and experimental crap that didnt even have a good sound. they are a very very good band. i love their hits. but you start talking about living in a yellow submarine, playing with octopusses, and whipping out a trombone and a trumpet and blaring it into a recording device and now you are just believing your own Beatles hype too much.

      u2 has hits and songs and pushed themselves to stay cutting edge for 3 decades. u can’t really argue that. so maybe you should get your testicles checked cuz you just gone one of yours demolished. hahhahaahha. hahahh (but nice try)

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