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Kvon’s 2009 Year in Review !!!

January 8, 2010

’09- Year in Review

FIRED FROM THE DAY JOB.  As my boss was collecting my company car from me I asked him for a ride to the airport… off to NYC for the kickoff show on the Maz Jobrani “Brown & Friendly Tour”.  That was a cool way to go!

My friend Monica and I designed the “Once You Go Persian” Tshirt which was a big hit and is still a popular giveaway at shows.

Hosted a show at the Hollywood Improv and Dane Cook dropped in.   We hung out for 15 mins discussing comedy and then when it came time for his intro I was curious what the worst one he ever received was.  Without him knowing I decide to go on stage and bring him up with that exact intro. Here are the exact words of the cheesy intro…

“Are you all ready for another infusion of laughter? A real fresh blast of hilarious comedy splash?  Then, please welcome Mr. Dane Cook“
The audience picked up on the joke, loved it, and he started cracking up as well as he took the mic.

The University of Nevada Alumni Magazine wrote a really complimentary article titled, “Kvon Parlays Business Degree Into Comedy Career”.   I asked if I could start writing for them regularly and get the OK.  So I parlayed my “Parlay” article into a regular writing gig.  That’s a lot of parlaying.

Headed to a lot of cities for the first time ever on the “Brown & Friendly Tour”.  Boston was one of my favorite shows with Maz Jobrani.

“Comedy Juice” college shows at the Improv rock.   Really enjoy those.  Also showcased for a Comedy Central Show.   Went really well.

Getting back into acting class.  A few people in there with me that are recognizable including Stacy Dash (Dionne from Clueless).

Was scheduled to go to Dubai but it was canceled last minute.  That was depressing.

Instead I was able to perform at the “Icehouse” and a few other shows in Canada with Jamie Kennedy and his girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt.   She is a really nice and although fans enjoyed our comedy, when I introduced her to the stage briefly the fans went CRAZZZZYYYY!

Final show for a while with Maz in DC.   1,500 people in attendance and an amazing time in our nations capital only a few months after Obama’s arrival!

“Wiseguys” in Utah asked me to Headline the club.  I’ve done 45 mins of jokes before, but this is 45 mins of Mormon friendly PG-13 jokes.  That’s a whole new level of difficulty.  During my first show I look at my watch and see I completed about 45 mins! I had done it, I started to say goodbye and the owner from the back of the room gives me a signal, gesturing that I need to do 10 more mins while the servers finish collecting the checks….. HEEELLLLLPPPPP! Talk about “driving on empty”!  I barely made it to the finish line but I survived.

Auditioned and landed these webisode internet gig.  I Did the pilot and it was horrible. Forget low budget, this was “no budget”.  In fact, it cost me money to be in the thing since they stained one of my shirts in a scene.

4th of July with Shang in Denver.  Great shows and met up with friends from Highschool and College.   This is the best part about touring.  I have my own mini-reunions with friends all over the country.

The debut of Kvon’s “In Your Face Showcase” at the Irvine Improv!  This was my best birthday ever and not only did we sell out the comedy club, we had to turn away people at the door (which was not fun).  For the show we had a fantastic lineup and a lot of regulars said it was the best show they’ve seen.

I also received a Wii as a birthday gift.  Hope I can still find time to write jokes!

Saw the legendary Bill Cosby perform in Vegas and learned a lot.  They guy walks out as himself; Sweatpants, t-shirt, and crocs sandals.  He looks like we barged in on him and plops down in the chair as if to say, “Well, since you are here I guess ill share a few stories with you.

Went to Northeast Canada with Maz with the secret powers of Bill Cosby running through my veins.   I was more comfortable on stage after watching him.

New York with Maz. Hit them hard and let them know what the West Coast is up to…  🙂  Took photos with the NYC background and loved every second of the big apple.   First time there as a true comic for a full week.

Headlined some awesome shows in Vancouver.  Can’t wait to go back in 6 months.

Put some new pictures and audio on my website.  Also started making YOUTUBE videos each month.  They are quick funny tours of hotel rooms, my day, the food I eat, or any other thing that might seem quirky enough at the time.

Some people at MTV saw them and asked me to audition for a couple shows.  I hope to land one!  Then we can do more college shows.

Headlining some shows in Arizona which is a great warm up prior to heading overseas.

Dubai was a great experience.  A very English friendly country that is trying to cater to tourism. The only problem is they are building too many high rises at once. It’s like they saw a picture of L.A. and Vegas and decided to build it…. Immediately. There is construction everywhere and it is excessive.  The shows were hilarious and the people took good care of us.  I got a tour of the Burj Al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel and I swam with the dolphins which was a highlight..

The “Kvon Christmas Charity Show” at the Irvine Improv was a success.  ‘Sold Out’ again and we collected several hundred gifts for the children.   This show was a lot of planning and it worked out perfectly.   I picked Christmas songs for each of the comics to come out to.  Hannukah song for Geoff Keith, chipmunks song for Brad Williams and so forth.  And after each person I brought them a present. The “Santa Baby” dancers, a green card for Cochino, and even better I was able to play the guitar and sing with Tom Vrab to close out the show.

What an end to a great year. See you in 2010!