Kvon on MTV’s new hit show “DISASTER DATE” (2010) all year!!!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been working away on a new show called “Disaster Date”.  This is MTV’s newest PunkD style show where I get to prank girls who think they are going on a blind date.  They don’t see the hidden cameras and whatever they hate… I make sure I do until they run for the door.

Mom always said I was an antagonist, so it’s about time I get paid for it!!!  Characters this season I play include: mime, boy band, infomercial guy, jersey guido, & gym trainer to name a few.

This 3 minute clip below is the first Episode of the season and it’s gained a lot of heat.  If you laugh at this, set your Tivo’s and spread the word.  If more people watch it then they may bring me back… And that would be huuuuuge (and i’d love you forever)

Check www.Kvon.tv for other updates and hope to see you at a standup comedy show soon!

Your bud,



One Response to “Kvon on MTV’s new hit show “DISASTER DATE” (2010) all year!!!”

  1. stephen patterson Says:

    how do i get my best friend on the show

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