PERSIAN VERSION of Jersey Shore on Bravo?

Most Persian guys DJ at some point.

It appears Ryan Seacrest is actually going through with adding the Persian Jersey Shore to the Bravo lineup. With huge success as a producer for ‘Kardashian’ spinoffs and ‘E! News’ he is now the undisputed super-power of Reality TV. But does he have enough pull to bring one of the world’s oldest super-powers back into the mainstream and get ratings?

After traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada as a standup comedian, I can tell you Persians are an amazing culture but a relatively small and tight knit one in comparison to many others. And while the population is huge in some cities, they aren’t represented in large quantities coast to coast. Part of the success of Jersey Shore is that we have all seen tons of Italian based shows and award winning movies for decades. There are holidays where we pretend to be Mexican for a day in May and Irish in March, but there is no good Persian drinking holiday. I think that would be a better start. Once you give people an excuse to get drunk once a year, preferably on a weekday, your chances of gaining acceptance in America will definitely improve. Or maybe even like a yearly Kabob day or something. If they know how delicious the food is they will be more likely to tune in. Sadly, as of now, this is not the case and if they don’t know much about the culture will they care about the show?

Even more importantly, the Persian community can never agree on anything. If the cast members they choose for this show are ridiculous, you can bet those viewers will be complaining the whole time that “Dese people, dey are not Persian, dey are ANIMALLLLS!” Actually scratch that, no matter who they pick or what they do on the show, about 95% of the Persian population will complain. Hey, at least my family will have something new to argue about at the dinner table. And with limited media to compare this show to, whatever America sees on this full season will be the new and generally accepted stereotypes of Persians everywhere. I think we can all agree no cultures comeback into the mainstream should be based on a Bravo show. That’s just too much responsibility for any one network!

The shows working title is “The Shah’s of Sunset” which sounds like a pretty horrible name since there will be girls on this show and every Shah was a man. See, all we have is a title and the Middleastern women have been put on the back burner right from the start. We’ve been trying to move past that! Okay, I need some help from you, what would some better names be? Make them as funny or realistic as you would like and be sure to post them below…

(for the official Hollywood Reporter Seacrest announcement click here)


12 Responses to “PERSIAN VERSION of Jersey Shore on Bravo?”

  1. K-von Says:

    Thinking of a new name for the show?

    People have been writing a ton of funny ones on my… Here are the ones I came up with-

    “Westwood 90024”, “Amir’s Anatomy”, “Saved By The Kabob”, “How I Met Your Baba”, “The Vestwood Ving”, “CaliNovocation”, “You Don’t Know Jamsheed”, “The Price Is Ridiculous”

  2. K-von Says:

    Here are some from some others that were great… from Elizabeth Santiago

    “Law and Order More Rice”, “My Big Fat Pearsian Vedding”, and “Everybody Loves Reza”

  3. Mehran Moghtadai Says:

    “Once Upon A Time In Westwood”, “12 Angry Persians”, “The Good, The Bad and The Hairy”, “Lord Of the Kabob: The fellowship of the koobideh”

    That’s all I have for now

  4. K-von Says:

    “According to Jamshid” , My “Friend” , King Of Ervine”, “The Fresh Persian Prince of Belair”

  5. Nessa Says:

    I don’t like the idea of this upcoming Seacrest show because it casts another stereotype on Iranians and already we are trying to dodge the “terrorist” one and/or distinguish ourselves from Arabs. This show is sadly, another dart in the wrong direction. That’s Hollywood for you, huh? Reality shows are rarely done tastefully anyways….we’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.
    I do like what you had to say in your blog posting though, well said!

  6. S. D. Says:

    LOL! All these titles so far are so hilarious and by a long shot better than the ridiculous one Seacrest has put on. If this show airs, we should at least get the title right!

  7. S. D. Says:

    “Who’s Already a Millionaire” hahaha! Excellent.

  8. K-von Says:

    …”’60 Minutes’ late”

  9. Milad Jazaerian Says:

    Big Persian Theory
    Everybody hates Ahmad
    Extreme makeover, Persian edition
    Gossip Gossip
    Thank“s“ God bro
    The Persian Diaries
    Persian Péride
    Late night with Barobax
    So you think you can “Baba Karam“?
    10 things I hate about my nose

  10. Ariana Says:

    These are all hilarious! I’d love to watch a Persian version of Jersey Shore! Being a 15 year old Persian girl that constantly get’s told I look like Sammi from Jersey Shore I could finally say I look more like the people off the Persian one(;

  11. Asos Says:

    Hairy pot head 🙂

  12. Yasmine Marie Haddad Says:


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