Kristy’s Blog – “Facebook Creeper”

So I randomly saw this guy who was a friend of a friend of a friend on Facebook and told him he was really hot.  But when he didn’t add me right away I was upset.  Nobody does that to Kristy.  I was like “Why don’t you add me” and he was like “I don’t know you.”  So I got his email address and sent him some scandalous pics so he had a way better idea of what I looked like.  Guess what?  He ended up adding me!  Score Bitches.

Now here’s where it gets creepy.  He said he really liked the way I looked in my topless photo and asked when we could meet.  I told him if he’s ever in my town I’d love to.  We exchanged numbers and started texting daily and even talked a few times.  Just yesterday I promised if he ever came to see me he would “Not be disappointed” and added a few lil’ things to keep him interested.  My ladies out there know what I mean.

Well guess what, today he wrote me and said he’s coming into town for work tomorrow and he wants to hang out.   Yikessss, I’m supposed to be going out with my boyfriend tomorrow night…  I told him I can’t and that I’m sick.  He said to at least meet him at a Starbucks to grab coffee and actually talk face to face for once.  I told him “Nope, I’m not that kind of girl.”  Then he got upset with me.  That’s a big red flag.  Any guy that won’t leave a girl alone after she says, “I’m sick” is obviously a total D-BAGGGGGG!  I learned women should avoid not just this guy, but ALL men that have “expectations”.  Double  Ew.


2 Responses to “Kristy’s Blog – “Facebook Creeper””

  1. Suzanne Sly Says:

    Kristy has some major issues! I thought I was nuts… this girl tops it :’)

  2. Bbbaybeeoct2008 Says:

    I have a Bf but I’m still in love with this other guy. If this “other guy” called and asked me to coffee I would go in a heartbeat.
    That makes me a shitty Gf, but what if I’m a Gf just to be one because I thought “other guy” was gone. Oh man, now I sound as crazy as Kristy baby.

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