Show #2 – “Community College Tour” – Penn State

Made a stop to the “King of Prussia Mall” to return a few items and then dined at an old favorite, Baja Fresh.  Whenever I’m on the East-Coast, I make it a point to not try as much of their food as possible.

I then checked into the sleazy motel and got ready for the show.  This one came with free wi-fi and bed bugs.

Upon entering the building we would be performing in, I knew this would be a tough one.  It was connected to a lunch room type cafe.  Students were coming in and out as they pleased and the lights were too dim.  However, within 20 minutes we made some adjustments to the setup and had a workable showroom on our hands.

Now as you know, Penn State has been through some pretty rough stuff in the news;  Things that one person did which have unfairly plagued the whole University.  Therefore I started making fun of that as much as possible right away.  Hey, as a comedian that’s our job right?  It’s not my fault I read the paper.  And it’s not my fault when they post suggestive material in their own papers.  Check out the main headline here:

Don’t you think they have ‘unwrapped’ enough things ‘offensively’?!  Well, off to bed now.  I’m sure the bugs will bite.  But as Americans, we eat well, and so should our fellow 6 legged friends.  For me to stay awake any longer would just be selfish.

Next Stop = Shippensburg University



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