Show #1 – “Community College Tour” – Rosemont College

About to embark on a 30 day east coast tour, my plane was delayed in L.A.  They announced on the loudspeaker, “Bags need to be re-arranged before take-off”.  I came to find what they meant was, they were busy “taking-my-bags-off” my flight without my consent.

Landed in Philly at 5pm and waited for the carousel until it screeched to a halt.  I then marched into the missing luggage area and was told a handful of bags had to be removed but don’t worry, “All of you will receive them by tomorrow morning.”  Lucky me.  Looking down at my pjs and flip flops, this spelled trouble since my comedy show was starting soon.  They gave me a $50 voucher to purchase clothes to wear on stage that night …Wow, so generous.

I now had a one hour drive, a show starting shortly after that, and somehow had to make room for an impromptu shopping trip in an area I’d never been.  The problem with the East Coast is they don’t have tons of strip malls and shopping centers on every corner like I’m used to.  Driving in circles, I eventually stumbled upon the “King of Prussia Mall” (one of the largest in America).  $80 later and I now have an outfit that will work for now and 30 mins to showtime.

Rosemont College is a small, perfectly manicured, Catholic influenced campus.  Ushered into their theater at the same time the crowd was pouring in, there was no time for setup.  Luckily the crowd and staff were awesome.  The first thing I did on stage was pull out all the tags still connected to my garments and told the audience, “This outfit you see here is being borrowed until tomorrow.”  I also encouraged anyone who thought they had a name weirder than mine to go ahead and BRING IT!  They went wild as ‘Nompli’ stood up, proudly shouted her name, beating me hands down in that contest.

Definitely tired after the show, I was shown to my living quarters for the evening.  Typically colleges will put you up in a hotel; however, this time they provided me with access to my own personal castle for the night.  No I’m not kidding.  See the picture below?  I can’t tell if they treated me like a ‘King’ or a ‘Vampire’, but either way, it made for a cool/unique experience.  Next Stop = Penn StateImage



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