Show #3 – “Community College Tour” – Shippensburg Univ.

I left Hazleton at noon and passed by an oddly named restaurant.  Hmm… wonder what their food tastes like?

yum… finger lickin’ good!

Next stop; Shippensburg.  To my dismay, a Pennsylvania town that has neither ships nor icebergs as the name might suggest.

Shippensburg Univ. recently made national news as the first to install vending machines dispersing ‘Plan-B’ contraception drugs on their campus.  And all for the low price of $25… Take that Walmart!  A great deal and no embarrassing interaction with a guy at a pharmacy.  I’m taking orders if anyone wants me to pick a few up?

The show took place in a cool game room with couches sprawled out everywhere.  We pulled em in close and as the show started I got to know the crowd.  Turns out the only people still on campus were those unable to go home for the holiday weekend.  I joked that it was “an honor to perform for the homeless students” and they got a kick out of it.

Also, 90% of the attendees were fresh out of high school and had never been to a comedy show before.  Basically, I took their comedy virginity, and I was pleased by the crowd.  So for now, I won’t be considering a ‘Plan-B.’



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