Show #4 – “Community College Tour” – St. Thomas Aquinas College

Ran into a huuuuuge traffic jam while leaving Pennsylvania towards NY.  And on a Sat?!  I decided to put on my hazards, drop onto the right hand shoulder and keep it moving, passing about 500 cars.  There was no accident up ahead so life was good.  I then pulled in behind a truck and noticed traffic stopped again.  I repeated my good-ole trick, but this time my luck had run out.  An unmarked cruiser came flying up behind me and gave me a $100 ticket.  Since I have done this approx 20 times, I considered it a fee of $5 per incident.  DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

Upon entering the NY area I had to pass through and gas up in NJ.  Most people don’t know this, but you can not pump your own gas in New Jersey.  It’s based on some old law or union guidelines… blah blah blah, who cares why, but you just can’t!  I don’t like that.  It made me feel very emasculated just sitting in my car while another man attempted to stick his nozzle in my vehicle.

I shook it off by going inside.  New Jersey gas stations have more stuff in them than a Walmart.  Not to perpetuate Italian mafioso stereotypes, but these are some of the items the people of NJ feel the need to purchase while refueling.

Gloves, Bats, Padlocks, Flashlights, and More!

So, next time you’re in Jersey, swing in to a ‘Sunoco’ and pick up a “Do-It-Yourself Soprano’s Hitman” kit!

While on stage, a girl yelled “HOW DO YOU LIKE STAC?”  I misheard and thought she asked, “How I liked being so ‘stacked’?”  Is this a term the kids are using now?  I wondered if she’d been looking at my zipper the whole time I’d been performing.  Turns out ‘STAC’ means St. Thomas Aquinas College.  And to now properly (and more politely) answer her question… HAD A GREAT TIME!



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  1. Josh Nasar Says:

    Awesome stories!!!!”””

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