Show #5 – Community College Tour – ComCollegeBalt. Dundalk

Did you know many colleges offer lunchtime comedy shows?  Often, people seek a show out and take their seats.  But this environment is what I like to call, “AMBUSH COMEDY.”

On The Menu: “Ambush Comedy”

These poor kids wanted nothing more than to get a little nutrition, cram for the next pop-quiz, and rush off to class.  But that was not about to happen here today.

A 1/2 Persian Comedy Terrorist was about to disrupt their workflow and bring some smiles to their faces- whether they liked it or not.  I figured if they didn’t laugh I could always grab fruit from the cafeteria and throw it at them… kind of a pre-emptive strike.  However, it did not come to that.  The students were really cool.  Even the table of Freshmen (average age 60) enjoyed themselves.  I had one heckler, so I disarmed him by putting the mic in his face and asking him to tell a joke for the crowd.  Just one.  Any Joke.  One he heard, or his all time favorite…  Anything?  He crumbled at the prospect of it all which was nice to see.

Above all, the food was really good.  Something tells me that chef is looking to graduate and get the heck out of that lunch room ASAP.  Hold on Wolfgang, I’m right behind ya!



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