Show #6 & #7 – “Community College Tour” – CCBC/St Vincent’s


Performed at 2 schools today, 5 hours apart by car.  The first was yet another lunch time funnies at the CommCollege of Baltimore County-Catonsville (try chanting that at a ball game).  Placing the show in the lounge, next door to the cafeteria, was a much better choice this time.  The show started with a small crowd and as I performed, more students trickled in taking the open seats.  This is the opposite of walking the room, which I have seen many times (and done a small handful of times myself).

After mobbing out of there, I headed straight for Pennsylvania.  When I came over the hill I noticed a huge plot of green land and a vampire looking building; St. Vincent’s College.  Turns out this is considered one of the most haunted schools in the nation (look it up).  I don’t believe in these things, but then again, I’ve never seen such a huuuuge cemetary built right next to the dorms either.

St Vincent College - Cemetary - Kvon
Oh, and I just remembered, one of the schools has “3rd Eye Blind” coming to perform at the same venue I did.  This made me feel incredibly proud of my career and sad for theirs at the same time.

How’s It Going To Be?


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