Show #8 – “Community College Tour” – Pitt U. Titusville

Eating healthy while traveling is not easy.  Something about road trips require that I stop at gas stations often to buy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and X-Large Super Tanker Mountain Dews.

However, I promised myself that this tour would be different.  So far, so good.  Here’s my routine.  STARVE MYSELF.  Well, actually, it’s not starving at all.  More like pass every single fast-food restaurant until I see a grocery store.  Go inside, purchase a veggie tray, and get back on the road.  Try it yourself.  As you drive the rest of the way, feel free to daydream about tacos, burgers, and Frosty’s while you grumpily munch away on broccoli, carrots, celery, and snap peas.  You’ll look down and realize it’s all gone before you know it.  And I challenge anyone to eat again immediately after consuming 2.5 lbs of veggies.  Couldn’t do it if ya wanted to.

On the West Coast we have Auto Trader type magazines with pictures of all different cars to purchase.  Gas stations in the eastern hemisphere of the U.S. have very different black and white magazines by the checkout.  They’re actually filled with pictures of people that were arrested over the weekend.   A caption of their alleged crime is listed underneath.  How this is legal, I still do not know?!  Typically entitled “The Slammer” or “Mug Shot Mag” these are basically like high school yearbooks of all the biggest losers in the community.  Ladies, you’d love this because they make buying an US Weekly look downright respectable.

So how does this work?  If you buy it and just so happen to see the accused out-and-about, is it appropriate to get an autograph?

Oh, are you like me and usually go to a gas station to buy gas?  How boring.  In Pennsylvania, you can fill up on a number of different things.  I wanna know who’s stupid enough to buy a vehicle that runs on Kerosene.  After all, it’s more pricey than gas, more flammable, and you’re going to be limited as to where you can fill it up.   Oh well, since it’s a rental car, I might as well give it a try.

“$60 on pump 12 please…”

Refueled and fully nourished, I arrived at Pittsburgh U. – Titusville.  The show was just about to start and it went off with a bang.  Must say, ‘Pitt-Tit’ has to be the coolest abbreviation of any school to date.


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