Show #9 – “Community College Tour” – Misericordia

Well, wouldn’t you know it.  Spent all yesterday thinking about eating healthy and today while on a walk I stumbled upon this sign.


Who knew it was that easy.  Guess you just eat it or something?  No time to devour the old testament, it’s going to be a 5 hour drive to eastern Pennsylvania.  Next school up, Misericordia.  I’ve never heard of it until now.  I’m just hoping it’s not ‘Miserable’, and if it is, nobody better be ‘Recordian’ (okay, that was a stretch, but I tried).

‘The Cougar Lounge’ was next to a small cafeteria.  Poorly named however; There were no 45 yr old divorced women in there.  It held about 50 chairs, but by showtime, they were forced to bring in another 80, and students were still pouring in.    FANTASTIC!  Meanwhile, the speaker system for the whole room was about as powerful as the the small ones I have attached to my laptop right now.  NOT FANTASTIC.  I had to get into old school Robin Williams mode, walk around through the crowd, project my voice, and mess with the audience one section at a time.  It worked out and by the end of the show, no one seemed to notice that the crackling mic was cutting out every other word.
ImageNext stop, St. Bonaventure University.



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