Show #11 – “Community College Tour” – University of Delaware

As you can see, many of these are not community colleges, but it’s the “Community College Tour” because I’ll most likely be coming to a Community OR a College near you.

Before performing at the University of Delaware, I made it a point to hit up the Niagara Falls.  For those of you who suck at Geography, no this is not a black guy being pushed down the stairs.  It’s an actual landmark on the border of Canada/New York.  If you haven’t been, I was able to capture a picture as seen below.

Niagara Falls:  Many people fall in each year.

The show at UD was a lot of fun but I’m officially tired of my phone.  It didn’t work anywhere on that campus and rarely works on any others on the East Coast.  Not sure if it’s a Samsung thing or if it’s my service but if any of you would like me to take your phone on the road and see if it works better, I’ll be happy to report how it does in a field test that I personally conduct.  Send all inquiries to


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