Show #12 & #13 – “Community College Tour” – Harrisburg Area CC/DeVry University

1st school I performed at today was ‘Harrisburg Area Community College’… HACC.  Ironic, because a HACK is the exact opposite of what you want to be as a comic.

Performing in a huge lunch room is hard enough, but this one was the size of a football field.  Luckily we closed all the doors, put a divider in the room, and knocked out all the lights in our section.  Now only the people that came to the ‘dark side’ were able to enjoy the show.  This keeps the riff-raff from Panda Express and Subway from shouting things and disrupting the shows as they get their food to-go.

Next stop, ‘DeVry University’.  On the West Coast, ‘DeVry’ is mainly an online college with a few testing centers.  But in Pennsylvania, surely they are part of the huge original campus with a big student population right?  WRONG.  Same setup.  A student population that have jobs and real life to worry about.  They don’t have time to be hanging around a free comedy show.  I walked into the room where the performance was to be held and with 3mins til showtime, it was a ghost town; However, just as the show began, a crowd miraculously showed up.  Having a smaller crowd is often good for comedians.  We get to take off the “Dance Monkey” hat and mine for truthful material.  You can walk away with some real gems and that definitely happened here today.

Last time I stayed at a hotel in this area, I had a few visitors in my bed.  Remember how your mom used to say, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  I thought that was just some old saying.  Nope!  Needless to stay, I don’t trust the hotels in Pennsylvania.  So email me whenever tonight.  Traumatized, I likely won’t be sleeping much while I’m here.


Bed Bugs: Killed 1 & caught 2 in a Styrofoam cup.

I recommend you either make sure a hotel does not have bed bugs in them, or when staying in a strange place, make sure you have me in your bed.  I notice the smallest movements in the night.  Not quite the Crocodile Hunter, but you have to start somewhere.


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