Show #16 – “Community College Tour” – Hartwick College

Okay, first “Pitt-Tit”, then “Widener”, and now “Hartwick” which, if you say it fast (and you’re really immature), sounds like something else.  I’m starting to wonder what kind of tour this is?!  It’s fairly easy to have your mind in the gutter when the business next door to the university has a questionable name as well.

This was a great show because while on stage, I made it a point to call out students that were just passing by, heading to the food court.  Over half of them stopped what they were doing, sat down to enjoy the rest of the show, and even bought a tshirt after!  This would be the exact opposite of “walking the room”.

My good friends Rebecca and Renee Clark were nice enough to stop in, hang out, and capture some pics.  Two photographers who once lived in L.A., anyone who follows comedians has seen their photos of Dane Cook, Russell Peters, Maz Jobrani, Jo Koy, K-von (had to do it), and a handful of other notables throughout the years circulating the web.  To our dismay, 2 yrs ago they moved to the other side of the country.

One bonus to touring is that you are getting paid to reconnect with people that have spread out over the years and gone their separate ways.  Tonight was no different.  We had some laughs, talked about old times, and soon there will be another bunch of great new pictures to remember tonight by as well.

© Rebecca & Renee Clark – Sept 16, 2012


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