Show #17 & #18 – “Community College Tour” – Columbia Greene/Ramapo College

Finished my laundry thanks to the Aloysius staff and their swipe cards and headed to Show #17. However, I have come up with an idea so touring entertainers won’t have to worry about such chores:  My own line of reversible underwear for touring entertainers.  “Kversibles”-Ask for them by name.

Speaking of names, I drove passed a sign that says head south to Coxsackie.  Cox… Sackie… Who named the towns and schools on the East Coast, an immature Jr. High student?

ya head south & you’ll run into CoxSackie alright!

And that wasn’t even the weirdest thing I saw on this trip.  How about a family that was cruising around with a lamb in their van like it’s no big deal.  Must have bought this thing wholesale.


After the lunch room show I hit the road for Show #18 at Ramapo in NJ.  That was a gorgeous campus with one of the best crowds.  So, I’m glad I saw it and “damn you Jersey Shore making me think all these people out here are all morons!”


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