Show #20 & #21 – “Community College Tour” – OrangeCounty-MiddleTown/TompkinsCortland

7am and it’s time to drive 3 hours.  Running on no sleep, I headed to a day time show, which can be rough… but the students at OCC-Middletown did not disappoint.

3 more hours of driving, and right near the end of my journey, a State Trooper turns on his lights.  I was pulled over coming down a huge hill.  Turns out I was going 81 in a 65mph zone on the loneliest road you’ve ever seen.

QUICK THINKING, I fibbed and told the cop I was “coming from the worst show of my entire career and that my life was basically ruined already, so a ticket would just add to my day”‘.  He bought it and gave me a ‘warning’.  Which was good because I avoided the ticket and REALLY BAD, because that means I looked like a guy who probably definitely would not do well on stage.  WHO CARES!  Bombing can be good in some situations and this was one of em!

Finished the drive at a more reasonable speed (78mph) and checked into the most uncomfortable COMFORT INN to date.  30 minute nap, and back on stage again at Tompkins-Cortland.  People who think comedians have it made by only working one hour a night, obviously don’t know the half of it!

Cortland Tompkins

Did they come for me or the ice cream?

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