Show #22 – “Community College Tour” – Penn College of Tech

Penn College of Technology better have mindblowing gadgets available for our show.  I’m prepared to be blown away with lights, pyrotechnics… the works.

On the way there I decided to stop for some Fro-Yo.  This was the oddest of toppings if you ask me.


I decided to stay true to my long standing policy and pass on the ‘wet nuts’.

Arriving at the school, I took the stage and felt the need to make a few Amish jokes.  What are the chances they would ever find out (unless one of you runs off and tells em)?  And I won’t accept any criticism that I’m culturally insensitive.  I wasn’t the one who decided to build a whole college of TECHNOLOGY in the heart of their land!

Only 3 more official shows left on the tour!


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