Show #23 – “Community College Tour” – Baltimore Comedy Factory

Left Pennyslvania and stopped for gas.  They fill their vending machines with the weirdest items out here.  I wasn’t that hungry so I decided to pass.
Next stop, the ‘Baltimore Comedy Factory’.  Apparently, Baltimore was at one time (or perhaps still is) the murder capital of the United States.  The street leading to the comedy club is blocked off with a bouncer leading up to it.  It is the first place I’ve ever been where I had to get carded/pat down just to enter the street that the bars are on, and then once again to enter the venue.

I performed for “Urban Night” and was the only ‘non-urban’ on the bill that night.  Talk about live bait!  Most people would shy away from any risky material on a night like this.  I decided to start making fun of the crowd right away.  I figured, they had all been screened enough that no one was going to get hurt.  But just to be sure, I made it a point to look for a few alternate exits!


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