Show #24 – “Community College Tour” – Arlington Draft House

Whenever I hit Washington D.C. I try to perform at the Arlington Draft House.  It’s an old school and historical movie theater.  They still show all your favorite films there, but they also use the space to bring some of the biggest acts to their stage as well.

Why is it so good?  Imagine, instead of a boring brick background they show you the upcoming acts on a huuuuge screen.  They then draw the theater curtains, providing a fantastic backdrop.  On the wood stage is a mic and a stool and in the back, their sound guy is making sure your volume is always at the right levels.  Fun songs play in between each comic taking the stage.  The seats, all comfortable leather chairs that rotate and the audience sits on teared levels, giving each person a perfect view of the stage.

This probably sounds so trivial, but night after night, comedians are asked last minute to perform without these small key elements, which actually make a big difference.

It wouldn’t happen to any other entertainers.  Imagine being in a band and just before going on, the stage manager says “We know you requested cymbals for your drummer but we don’t have any.”  Or being a magician and told, “We know you requested a hot girl to cut in half, but instead we got you a frog.  That’ll work right?”  That would never happen to anyone else, but comedians deal with these curveballs regularly.  I’ve seen it often, especially on the “Community College Tour.”

Kvon Headlines – Arlington Draft House – 9/23/12

The tour is almost over and the holidays are around the corner.  Unbelievable!  2 more shows to go, a night in NYC, and a partridge in a pear-tree!


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