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K’s – 2012 ‘YEAR IN REVIEW’

December 26, 2012

Celebrated the New Year headlining the comedy club in Reno.  Then went off to Sacramento for some great shows with Darren Carter and kicked off the first leg of my 2012 college tour.


After a handful of college gigs I received great news:  Landed 3 commercials… one was a commercial with Warner Bros. video game division.  I played the lead and it was a lotttttt of fun.  I get splattered with blood and get to have my “Dexter Morgan Moment”.   Check it out if you haven’t already.

Went to a huge college showcase for schools in the Northeast.  Had a strong set and promptly landed 35 college gigs (set to start in August).  But first, time to do the NOWRUZ thing.  Nowruz is the Persian New Year and something that keeps me verrrrry busy.  Love the shows, the food, and the families.  If you have never been you are missing out!  Ended the month with more good luck, landing a role in a fun Squirt Gun commercial.  Of course, we had to be covered in water and pretend it was summer for 8 hours.  I’m surprised I didn’t catch pneumonia.

With the Nowruz Tour winding down, headed to Vegas for a week of shows.  Also finished up my hosting reel which I predicted would help land a lot of different roles.  I think you will like it:

From Hawaii to Ohio… and then headlining in Sacramento and giving a graduation speech at University Nevada Reno.  Crazy life!

Landed a commercial for Procter & Gamble and got to grow my hair out an extra 3 inches for it.  Looking a tad bit like Fabio.  I still can’t share it with you, but look for it in a few months.  Came out really nice!

Back in Hawaii again.  Was able to get on the news this time.  Once I landed home I received the good news.  Scambook selected me as their new spokesperson.  I knew that hosting reel would help!  Since July I have done over 20 videos ranging from hilarious to informative and 50 shades in between  😉

Excited for my first full college tour where I don’t go home for over a month.  But then I landed a hosting role on a new Looney Tunes Game Show pilot and had to fly back for a handful of days.  No complaints there, had a blast and the Looney Tunes people treated me great.  Last I heard, Warner Bros. liked it and they are going for final funding.  As often happens, I never get excited until I see it on TV… until then, don’t ask about it because you know as much about it as I do.

Back to the East Coast, and this time, all month!  30 Shows in 30 Days officially marks the longest time I’ve stayed out on the road.
Kept a great blog to remember it by.  If you get bored, read about all the adventures in all the random towns and cities.

Got my motorcycle license and filmed a commercial for Toshiba.  It’s really important and fun at the same time:

Rocked another NACA showcase and lined up gigs for 2013 all over the West Coast.  Much easier to fly there then to the East all the time, so stoked about that.

~Final college gigs of the year.  Hosted the TEDx Event.  The hilarious intro video has been a blast to share:
~Landed another commercial for a military gig.
~Got a $650 ticket for driving 110 miles per hour on my way to a UNLV show with Bryan Callen from the Hangover/MadTV
~And closed out the year with a fantastic Xmas Show for Charity at the Irvine Improv.  We collected over 200 toys for needy children, so thank you for attending!

Time to set a few goals for 2013.   Now if you will excuse me, I’M TIRED….  zzZ


UNLV – The Rebel Yell – “Campus Comedy Night A Major Success”

December 5, 2012

12-1-12 The Rebel Yell-UNLV

…to view the article, clink on the link above… do not click on the picture below!

UNLV 2012 - The Rebel Yell

UNLV 2012 – The Rebel Yell