Buying Christmas Presents…???

I hate to sound like a scrooge but… don’t you hate it when this time of year someone hands you an envelope and inside is just a Christmas Card?  When they aren’t looking do you shake the card and envelope thinking maybe there was something else in there?  The only thing worse than that is when someone texts you Merry Xmas! 

Forget that, I like to give people real presents, not get their hopes up with cards and texts.  So I want to know about Xmas Etiquette… who you are supposed to buy Christmas presents for?  And how much should one spend?

I’m sure you are surrounded by people at your work and you may be trying to figure out who is worthy and who to save until next year.  It’s especially difficult if you are on the road for work.  For instance, a comedian might work with the following people regularly throughout the year…

20 Club bookers, 6 waiters at each club, 40 other comics, 2 web designers, 12 promo people, 8 reporters/bloggers, 2 acting coaches, 16 acting students, 5 casting directors, a manager etc.

And of course you have your family and close friends to include as well.  So I’m already nervous about this upcoming experience and hope I don’t leave anyone out.

My mom feels gift cards are impersonal and rude.  The only thing worse in her opinion is to give someone cash.  I couldn’t disagree more.  GIVE ME CASH!  Lord knows I need it.  Jesus would have wanted cash on his birthday.  Is it rude to hand someone a $5 gift card to Subway?  They can buy a whole footlong for that.  Or here is one I wonder about.  Would it be wrong to hand them a $5 gift card and include a coupon for a free chips and drink.  I don’t think I would be upset if I got that, but something tells me people would be perturbed.


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