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K’s – 2014 ‘YEAR IN REVIEW’

January 1, 2015

Each January I look back at the previous year & do a quick writeup of a few monthly highlights. You should do it as well. Save it. Then, in 30 years you can go through ’em jogging your own memory.


Headlined Reno for New Year’s Week
Appeared on CNN’s HLN

Headlined Scottsdale, AZ
Headlined & filmed standup submission demo that got me onto 2 TV shows

Motorcycle Accident – Broken Pinky. Who breaks a pinky on a Harley?

Headlined Vegas
Filmed America’s Got Talent = standing ovation from Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, & Mel B (of course they didn’t air my clip, but that wasn’t my fault!)

Filmed Lego Commercial (see clip)
Worked with well known comic ‘Bruce Bruce’ in Vegas then went to Hawaii

Filmed TEDxTalk / Filmed DUI Commercial
Performed with Tommy Davidson on a handful of shows. A true master
Headlined Brea Improv

Worked on Edit/Animation for the new “NOWRUZ” movie
Got a Free Pie for headlining a ‘Marie Calendars’. Ate it in one sitting.

PANDORA approves “Tanx God!” 1hr comedy special & creates a K-von Radio Channel
Eminem Concert (see clip)
Scored/Composed & Took Cover Art Photos for “NOWRUZ” DVD & Posters

Finished 1st Draft of “NOWRUZ: Lost & Found” movie / submitted to 30 festivals.

Created with record-breaking $’s raised (…and we needed it!)

Surprise Remodeled Dad’s Garage (see clip)
Successful Fundraising Events in HOUSTON / VEGAS / D.C. / O.C. / VANCOUVER for “NOWRUZ”
Headlined Vancouver

Headlined 5th Irvine Improv Xmas Show & performed with Arsenio Hall
Hawaii for Xmas / Shows in Vegas on Xmas / Reno for New Year
*Just Announced* “NOWRUZ” = SELECTED by the IRVINE INTL FILM FEST this January!



My 1st Marathon – Honolulu ’14

December 18, 2014

Went to Honolulu for a comedy show/vacation. Upon arrival I ran a few miles then went and did a heavy ‘leg day’ at my favorite gym overlooking the ocean.  That night someone asked, “Are you in town for the Honolulu Marathon?” I said, “No, when’s that?” “Tomorrow morning, 3rd biggest in the USA.  People from all over the world are flying in for it.”

Landed in Hawaii to 'Relax'

Landed in Hawaii to ‘Relax’

I’ve never run a marathon and didn’t particularly want to now, however, if people are spending thousands and I’m already here, this is a huge savings. And I LOVE SAVINGS!   Therefore, I must do this marathon. Besides, how bad could 26.2 miles be when you have palm trees, ocean, and potential whales to look at?  The following is a rough timeline of the experience:

4:15am My hotel was 2 miles from the starting point and I didn’t want to call a cab at that hour, so I jogged over. *An extra 2 miles I didn’t need to tack on.

5:00am The gun goes off and I’m feeling great, passing thousands of people for the first 12 miles. There’s mist/fog in the air as an army of 30,000 people ran the course. It was epic.

6:45am We head into the hills of Honolulu. At the higher elevation the precipitation is heavier. Now my socks and shoes are squishy. The wind is whipping the rain back and forth. I can’t help but notice I’m no longer passing anyone.

7:30am The sun is coming up and the scenery is gorgeous, but I’m not enjoying much of it. My legs are super tired. Yesterday’s squats and lunges are looking like a bad idea. Around the 17-mile marker it began. Throngs of people started passing me.

8:00am When an athlete passes you, it’s one thing, but around mile 20 it got out of control. I was getting passed by EVERYBODY. Was this a hidden camera show? A father and his 12-year old son breezed by, then 2 people in Disney costumes with the big heavy foam heads, a little Japanese girls, followed by a grandma in flip flops. Then I hear, “On your left.” I look back and no one is there. Am I hallucinating?   Then again, “ON YOUR LEFT!” Looking back again, and then down… and that’s when I see someone in a wheel chair pushing past me UP the final hill. HUMBLED!

8:20am At mile 22 for no reason I literally cried out “PIZZA!” Still not sure why. Apparently something like that will be my final words one day. No poetic “E tu Brute?” for me.

9:10am I see the Finish Line in the distance and I’m running (shuffling my feet) towards it, but it seems to keep moving further away. The longest .2 miles of my life. I cross the line and realize since I haven’t paid, there will be no finishing t-shirt, no medal, and no official race photos… basically, no proof that this ever happened.


The Place I Ended Up: 4hrs 10min Later

The Hawaiian People were very supportive. Many lined up outside their homes holding out various snacks they’d made. Without question, I reached into just about every bowl, bucket, and tin tray to grab a handful of whatever offering, shoved it in my face, and kept moving. Some items were better than others. Luckily all were actual food items. Felt kinda like trick-or-treating on the run.

Going into the Marathon I had 3 goals… Don’t injure yourself, don’t stop running no matter what, and break 4hours. Accomplished the first two and was fairly close on the final one with a finishing time of 4hrs 10mins.

As you might expect, Kenyans won in the men’s and women’s division with a time of around 2 hours and 20mins. It was hard to tell which was which.

Feeling fairly good about myself for running on a whim, I looked up celebrities and their finishing times. While I did beat Oprah, Al Gore, and P Diddy, I did not beat Will Ferrel, George W Bush, or Sarah Palin. Therefore, unfortunately, this will not be my last marathon. Next time however, I will plan at least a month in advance and pay so that there’s some evidence!

Honolulu Marathon = Epic Scenery

Honolulu Marathon = Epic Scenery

OC Weekly – “K-von Wants To…” – May 2013

June 25, 2014

Here is a fun interview I did with “OC Weekly” in May, right before the filming of my 1-hour Comedy Special. Check it out here… 5-13-OCWeekly-K-von

…to view the article, click on the link above… do not click on the picture below!

OC Weekly - K-von Interview

OC Weekly – K-von Interview


TEDxReno – Reno Gazette Journal – 2014

June 7, 2014

Had a great time presenting at the TEDx Event in Reno Nevada.  The whole community got involved, the venue was perfect, right by the river in the heart of downtown, and I was lucky enough to be mentioned in the RENO GAZETTE JOURNAL article right here.  Take a look!

6-14 TEDxReno RGJ
(to view click on link above NOT the picture below)


K-von's TEDxTalk featured in the RGJ-2014

K-von’s TEDxTalk featured in the RGJ-2014


UNLV – The Rebel Yell – “Campus Comedy Night A Major Success”

December 5, 2012

12-1-12 The Rebel Yell-UNLV

…to view the article, clink on the link above… do not click on the picture below!

UNLV 2012 - The Rebel Yell

UNLV 2012 – The Rebel Yell

Show #25 & #26 – Community College Tour – Orange County Newburgh/Western Connecticut State

September 27, 2012

Final Shows:  2 in one day!  First, the feared lunch room gig and then, wrapping it all up with a college lounge.  30 days; officially the longest I’ve ever lived out of a suitcase on the road.

On this tour I drove too many miles, stayed in a lot of hotels, and reinforced many stereotypes I had about different groups of people.  Some shows were better than others, but as a whole, couldn’t be happier with the whole experience.

The shortest bus I’ve ever seen…

I enjoyed the show in Newburgh and made my way to Connecticut for the first time ever.  Then I looked at my watch.  It’s 10pm and my flight leaves out of NYC at 7am.  That means I can either drop $250 on a hotel for 6 hours of rest, orrrrr…. no sleep til!  Well, anyone who knows me, knows what I did.  Stayed out in the Big Apple until about 2:30 am, made my way back in the rental car, and slept on the floor of the airport for about 2 hours.

Now, let’s talk about how amaazzzzzzzing my planning skills were on this tour shall we?  Not one hotel was booked the wrong way, no rental car was returned late or low on gas, and not one flight was missed.  5 years ago I would have found a way to mess all that up.  I think this is a sign that I am getting closer to becoming an adult!  Hey, some people take longer than others.  One thing is for sure, I’ve officially reached “Pro Traveler” status.  So next time you plan on going on a big trip, you may want to spend the extra cash and bring me with you!


Show #24 – “Community College Tour” – Arlington Draft House

September 24, 2012

Whenever I hit Washington D.C. I try to perform at the Arlington Draft House.  It’s an old school and historical movie theater.  They still show all your favorite films there, but they also use the space to bring some of the biggest acts to their stage as well.

Why is it so good?  Imagine, instead of a boring brick background they show you the upcoming acts on a huuuuge screen.  They then draw the theater curtains, providing a fantastic backdrop.  On the wood stage is a mic and a stool and in the back, their sound guy is making sure your volume is always at the right levels.  Fun songs play in between each comic taking the stage.  The seats, all comfortable leather chairs that rotate and the audience sits on teared levels, giving each person a perfect view of the stage.

This probably sounds so trivial, but night after night, comedians are asked last minute to perform without these small key elements, which actually make a big difference.

It wouldn’t happen to any other entertainers.  Imagine being in a band and just before going on, the stage manager says “We know you requested cymbals for your drummer but we don’t have any.”  Or being a magician and told, “We know you requested a hot girl to cut in half, but instead we got you a frog.  That’ll work right?”  That would never happen to anyone else, but comedians deal with these curveballs regularly.  I’ve seen it often, especially on the “Community College Tour.”

Kvon Headlines – Arlington Draft House – 9/23/12

The tour is almost over and the holidays are around the corner.  Unbelievable!  2 more shows to go, a night in NYC, and a partridge in a pear-tree!

Show #23 – “Community College Tour” – Baltimore Comedy Factory

September 23, 2012

Left Pennyslvania and stopped for gas.  They fill their vending machines with the weirdest items out here.  I wasn’t that hungry so I decided to pass.
Next stop, the ‘Baltimore Comedy Factory’.  Apparently, Baltimore was at one time (or perhaps still is) the murder capital of the United States.  The street leading to the comedy club is blocked off with a bouncer leading up to it.  It is the first place I’ve ever been where I had to get carded/pat down just to enter the street that the bars are on, and then once again to enter the venue.

I performed for “Urban Night” and was the only ‘non-urban’ on the bill that night.  Talk about live bait!  Most people would shy away from any risky material on a night like this.  I decided to start making fun of the crowd right away.  I figured, they had all been screened enough that no one was going to get hurt.  But just to be sure, I made it a point to look for a few alternate exits!

Show #22 – “Community College Tour” – Penn College of Tech

September 22, 2012

Penn College of Technology better have mindblowing gadgets available for our show.  I’m prepared to be blown away with lights, pyrotechnics… the works.

On the way there I decided to stop for some Fro-Yo.  This was the oddest of toppings if you ask me.


I decided to stay true to my long standing policy and pass on the ‘wet nuts’.

Arriving at the school, I took the stage and felt the need to make a few Amish jokes.  What are the chances they would ever find out (unless one of you runs off and tells em)?  And I won’t accept any criticism that I’m culturally insensitive.  I wasn’t the one who decided to build a whole college of TECHNOLOGY in the heart of their land!

Only 3 more official shows left on the tour!

Show #20 & #21 – “Community College Tour” – OrangeCounty-MiddleTown/TompkinsCortland

September 20, 2012

7am and it’s time to drive 3 hours.  Running on no sleep, I headed to a day time show, which can be rough… but the students at OCC-Middletown did not disappoint.

3 more hours of driving, and right near the end of my journey, a State Trooper turns on his lights.  I was pulled over coming down a huge hill.  Turns out I was going 81 in a 65mph zone on the loneliest road you’ve ever seen.

QUICK THINKING, I fibbed and told the cop I was “coming from the worst show of my entire career and that my life was basically ruined already, so a ticket would just add to my day”‘.  He bought it and gave me a ‘warning’.  Which was good because I avoided the ticket and REALLY BAD, because that means I looked like a guy who probably definitely would not do well on stage.  WHO CARES!  Bombing can be good in some situations and this was one of em!

Finished the drive at a more reasonable speed (78mph) and checked into the most uncomfortable COMFORT INN to date.  30 minute nap, and back on stage again at Tompkins-Cortland.  People who think comedians have it made by only working one hour a night, obviously don’t know the half of it!

Cortland Tompkins

Did they come for me or the ice cream?