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NOWRUZ – Persian New Year Breakdown (Kvon)

March 12, 2017

Spring is in the air and soon over 300 million people will be celebrating what is known as PERSIAN NEW YEAR or Nowruz.  “What is that?” you ask.  An ancient holiday celebrating all things SPRING.

To properly bring in the new year Persian style…
~First you jump over a campfire to kick off the holiday
~7 days later you dance and have a feast at the elaborate official Nowruz event.
~and 13 days after that, you go to a park with your family to enjoy the warm fresh air (superstitiously avoiding bad luck that comes with staying home).

Think of it as a Greatest Hits of all American holidays… Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, and the 4th of July all wrapped into one as gifts are being exchanged and your Aunt is telling you to eat when you were quite full three helpings ago!

This time of year was very important to ancient civilizations who depended on the mercy of nature in order to survive and roots back to well over 3,000 years ago. Zoroastrians (known as the first religion with one God instead of many) celebrated NOWRUZ (The New Day) in a big way.  And experts contend it goes back even further than that.

Even though over 20 countries and hundreds of smaller tribes have celebrated this holiday for centuries, it is very important you know Persians at one time had the largest empire and absolutely LOVE to take credit for EVERYTHING . That is why we now they affectionately call Nowruz “Persian New Year” to anyone who asks.

At this point some of you are asking what the heck is a PERSIAN / IRANIAN ?!… well check this out…
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.58.48 PM.png





—-Watch this History Lesson on NOWRUZ here: —-

See, that wasn’t so bad was it?! Now instead of a Christmas tree when you attend a Persian New Year Party you will see a table called a “Haft Seen” (meaning the 7 things that start with ‘S”). This is what is on the table…
Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.58.35 PM.png

HAFT SEEN (7 Things that Start with S) – The Table
sabze – wheat sprouts grown in a dish. Rebirth
seb apple – beauty sir – symbol of medicine
sekir… vinegar – age and patience
sumac – a spice – symbol of the color of sunrise
senjeh – berry – symbol of love
samanu- pudding – symbol of affluence extras
sonbol – flower – symbol of beauty

Then we throw in a goldfish, lit candle, mirror, and book of poetry to top it off!
( Here is a video clip which shows the HAFT SEEN and breaks it down: )

But don’t worry about all the intricacies. Just find a Persian party… eat with friends, dance, and enjoy.  You may be handed some money… just take it and say thank you! Now you are partying like a true PERSIAN

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 5.58.20 PM.png
(If you want a more in depth look be sure to watch Kvon’s TEDtalk on NOWRUZ: )

Thanks checking out NOWRUZ aka Noruz aka Nahruz aka Navruz aka Nooruz aka Noorus aka _____________ fill in your spelling here (LOL)!

(for more on the holiday watch K-von’s clips on

2016 (year-in-review)

January 3, 2017

Started year headlining LAS VEGAS @ the Stratosphere
Released “GUBER” sketches: (see clips)

College National Showcase.  Booked a 60 College Tour
Released “Creepy Keeper” Music Video: (watch now)

Selected for the ‘San Luis Obispo’ Comedy Festival

“LAUGHS” on FOX appearances (see clips)

Appeared in Maz Jobrani’s new movie ‘Jimmy Vestvood’
Wrote/Produced highest rated music video to date “That Was How We Did It” (see it here)

Landed role as Host on “TOP 30” – FOX  (see clips)

Performed a 15 day tour overseas
Filmed for MTV’s new show “ACTING OUT”

Headlined Vancouver, Canada for 8th time

Headlined show for the NAVY – USA!

Multi-City College Tour
Filmed Pilot / Tested TV shows for FOX

Filmed sketch with legendary director David Zucker (Airplane/Naked Gun/etc)
Broke finger but still alive
Headlined cruise ships in the Bahamas


Wrote/Produced/Completed short film RAIMBO (see trailer)
Worked world-famous Zanies in Chicago for 1st time (see standup clip)
Opened for J-Lo for her NYC bash on NBC
Headlined Reno / Tahoe + spent time with family

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 12.21.15 AM.png

K-von’s “NOWRUZ: Lost & Found” MOVIE – (PRESS RELEASE)

October 8, 2014

Here’s the info for the movie “NOWRUZ: Lost & Found”…

90 min documentary

Film:  “NOWRUZ: Lost & Found”
Written/Directed by K-von Moezzi
Featuring specials guests / celebs / scholars & more!


(want to PreOrder a copy or read more:


Nevada Silver & Blue – “You ‘Wear’ What You Eat” – Spr ’13

April 30, 2014

4 -13-YouWearWhatYouEat – NSB

…to view the article, click on the link above… do not click on the picture below!

stick to bein' healthy!

stick to bein’ healthy!

“VARIETY” mentions ‘K-von Presents: A Splash of Nowruz’

March 18, 2014

Variety – K-von – Farhang

To View Article…  Click on the link above (NOT THE PICTURE)

K-von's Film = Finalist in Film Festival

K-von’s film “A SPLASH OF NOWRUZ” = Finalist in the “Farhang Film Festival”

Splash of Nowruz - K-von - MAIN

K’s – 2013 ‘YEAR IN REVIEW’

January 17, 2014

Each January I look back at the previous year and do a quick writeup of a few monthly highlights.  You should do it as well and save it.  Then, in 30 years you can go through em and jog your own memory in a fun way.  Looking back, 2013 was one of my favorite years and one with a lot of “building-block” moments.  A nice platform to jump off of for 2014. 


Designed and wrote out the game plan for a Persian New Year documentary and 1 hour special.


Completed my Winter College Tour and a relaxing trip to Hawaii before a 40-day Persian New Year Tour (NOWRUZ)

Non-Stop Touring (coast to coast)

Finished the Persian New Year tour.  Hosted a Music Festival, auditioned, filmed a commercial, and completed interviews for the documentary

Sold out the comedy theater and filmed the 1-hour special TANX GOD! with a full camera crew and  staff.

Headlined Vegas / San Diego / Canada / & more

Edited the 1hr Special, designed the cover art, took new pics, and created a marketing plan

Headlined Sacramento, a handful of colleges, and started the writing program & improv acting program at UCB

Comedy took me to Juneau (Alaska) for the first time

Filmed a role (Doctor) in “Guardian Angel” a new movie    –coming soon

Filmed a role (Lifeguard) in Maz Jobrani’s new movie & did commentary on another fun TV project.

1-hour special now available & headlined sold out shows in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Vegas, & Reno!



K’s – 2012 ‘YEAR IN REVIEW’

December 26, 2012

Celebrated the New Year headlining the comedy club in Reno.  Then went off to Sacramento for some great shows with Darren Carter and kicked off the first leg of my 2012 college tour.


After a handful of college gigs I received great news:  Landed 3 commercials… one was a commercial with Warner Bros. video game division.  I played the lead and it was a lotttttt of fun.  I get splattered with blood and get to have my “Dexter Morgan Moment”.   Check it out if you haven’t already.

Went to a huge college showcase for schools in the Northeast.  Had a strong set and promptly landed 35 college gigs (set to start in August).  But first, time to do the NOWRUZ thing.  Nowruz is the Persian New Year and something that keeps me verrrrry busy.  Love the shows, the food, and the families.  If you have never been you are missing out!  Ended the month with more good luck, landing a role in a fun Squirt Gun commercial.  Of course, we had to be covered in water and pretend it was summer for 8 hours.  I’m surprised I didn’t catch pneumonia.

With the Nowruz Tour winding down, headed to Vegas for a week of shows.  Also finished up my hosting reel which I predicted would help land a lot of different roles.  I think you will like it:

From Hawaii to Ohio… and then headlining in Sacramento and giving a graduation speech at University Nevada Reno.  Crazy life!

Landed a commercial for Procter & Gamble and got to grow my hair out an extra 3 inches for it.  Looking a tad bit like Fabio.  I still can’t share it with you, but look for it in a few months.  Came out really nice!

Back in Hawaii again.  Was able to get on the news this time.  Once I landed home I received the good news.  Scambook selected me as their new spokesperson.  I knew that hosting reel would help!  Since July I have done over 20 videos ranging from hilarious to informative and 50 shades in between  😉

Excited for my first full college tour where I don’t go home for over a month.  But then I landed a hosting role on a new Looney Tunes Game Show pilot and had to fly back for a handful of days.  No complaints there, had a blast and the Looney Tunes people treated me great.  Last I heard, Warner Bros. liked it and they are going for final funding.  As often happens, I never get excited until I see it on TV… until then, don’t ask about it because you know as much about it as I do.

Back to the East Coast, and this time, all month!  30 Shows in 30 Days officially marks the longest time I’ve stayed out on the road.
Kept a great blog to remember it by.  If you get bored, read about all the adventures in all the random towns and cities.

Got my motorcycle license and filmed a commercial for Toshiba.  It’s really important and fun at the same time:

Rocked another NACA showcase and lined up gigs for 2013 all over the West Coast.  Much easier to fly there then to the East all the time, so stoked about that.

~Final college gigs of the year.  Hosted the TEDx Event.  The hilarious intro video has been a blast to share:
~Landed another commercial for a military gig.
~Got a $650 ticket for driving 110 miles per hour on my way to a UNLV show with Bryan Callen from the Hangover/MadTV
~And closed out the year with a fantastic Xmas Show for Charity at the Irvine Improv.  We collected over 200 toys for needy children, so thank you for attending!

Time to set a few goals for 2013.   Now if you will excuse me, I’M TIRED….  zzZ

PERSIAN VERSION of Jersey Shore on Bravo?

July 20, 2011

Most Persian guys DJ at some point.

It appears Ryan Seacrest is actually going through with adding the Persian Jersey Shore to the Bravo lineup. With huge success as a producer for ‘Kardashian’ spinoffs and ‘E! News’ he is now the undisputed super-power of Reality TV. But does he have enough pull to bring one of the world’s oldest super-powers back into the mainstream and get ratings?

After traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada as a standup comedian, I can tell you Persians are an amazing culture but a relatively small and tight knit one in comparison to many others. And while the population is huge in some cities, they aren’t represented in large quantities coast to coast. Part of the success of Jersey Shore is that we have all seen tons of Italian based shows and award winning movies for decades. There are holidays where we pretend to be Mexican for a day in May and Irish in March, but there is no good Persian drinking holiday. I think that would be a better start. Once you give people an excuse to get drunk once a year, preferably on a weekday, your chances of gaining acceptance in America will definitely improve. Or maybe even like a yearly Kabob day or something. If they know how delicious the food is they will be more likely to tune in. Sadly, as of now, this is not the case and if they don’t know much about the culture will they care about the show?

Even more importantly, the Persian community can never agree on anything. If the cast members they choose for this show are ridiculous, you can bet those viewers will be complaining the whole time that “Dese people, dey are not Persian, dey are ANIMALLLLS!” Actually scratch that, no matter who they pick or what they do on the show, about 95% of the Persian population will complain. Hey, at least my family will have something new to argue about at the dinner table. And with limited media to compare this show to, whatever America sees on this full season will be the new and generally accepted stereotypes of Persians everywhere. I think we can all agree no cultures comeback into the mainstream should be based on a Bravo show. That’s just too much responsibility for any one network!

The shows working title is “The Shah’s of Sunset” which sounds like a pretty horrible name since there will be girls on this show and every Shah was a man. See, all we have is a title and the Middleastern women have been put on the back burner right from the start. We’ve been trying to move past that! Okay, I need some help from you, what would some better names be? Make them as funny or realistic as you would like and be sure to post them below…

(for the official Hollywood Reporter Seacrest announcement click here)

Kvon on MTV’s new hit show “DISASTER DATE” (2010) all year!!!

April 1, 2010

Hi Friends,

I’ve been working away on a new show called “Disaster Date”.  This is MTV’s newest PunkD style show where I get to prank girls who think they are going on a blind date.  They don’t see the hidden cameras and whatever they hate… I make sure I do until they run for the door.

Mom always said I was an antagonist, so it’s about time I get paid for it!!!  Characters this season I play include: mime, boy band, infomercial guy, jersey guido, & gym trainer to name a few.

This 3 minute clip below is the first Episode of the season and it’s gained a lot of heat.  If you laugh at this, set your Tivo’s and spread the word.  If more people watch it then they may bring me back… And that would be huuuuuge (and i’d love you forever)

Check for other updates and hope to see you at a standup comedy show soon!

Your bud,


Kvon’s 2009 Year in Review !!!

January 8, 2010

’09- Year in Review

FIRED FROM THE DAY JOB.  As my boss was collecting my company car from me I asked him for a ride to the airport… off to NYC for the kickoff show on the Maz Jobrani “Brown & Friendly Tour”.  That was a cool way to go!

My friend Monica and I designed the “Once You Go Persian” Tshirt which was a big hit and is still a popular giveaway at shows.

Hosted a show at the Hollywood Improv and Dane Cook dropped in.   We hung out for 15 mins discussing comedy and then when it came time for his intro I was curious what the worst one he ever received was.  Without him knowing I decide to go on stage and bring him up with that exact intro. Here are the exact words of the cheesy intro…

“Are you all ready for another infusion of laughter? A real fresh blast of hilarious comedy splash?  Then, please welcome Mr. Dane Cook“
The audience picked up on the joke, loved it, and he started cracking up as well as he took the mic.

The University of Nevada Alumni Magazine wrote a really complimentary article titled, “Kvon Parlays Business Degree Into Comedy Career”.   I asked if I could start writing for them regularly and get the OK.  So I parlayed my “Parlay” article into a regular writing gig.  That’s a lot of parlaying.

Headed to a lot of cities for the first time ever on the “Brown & Friendly Tour”.  Boston was one of my favorite shows with Maz Jobrani.

“Comedy Juice” college shows at the Improv rock.   Really enjoy those.  Also showcased for a Comedy Central Show.   Went really well.

Getting back into acting class.  A few people in there with me that are recognizable including Stacy Dash (Dionne from Clueless).

Was scheduled to go to Dubai but it was canceled last minute.  That was depressing.

Instead I was able to perform at the “Icehouse” and a few other shows in Canada with Jamie Kennedy and his girlfriend Jennifer Love Hewitt.   She is a really nice and although fans enjoyed our comedy, when I introduced her to the stage briefly the fans went CRAZZZZYYYY!

Final show for a while with Maz in DC.   1,500 people in attendance and an amazing time in our nations capital only a few months after Obama’s arrival!

“Wiseguys” in Utah asked me to Headline the club.  I’ve done 45 mins of jokes before, but this is 45 mins of Mormon friendly PG-13 jokes.  That’s a whole new level of difficulty.  During my first show I look at my watch and see I completed about 45 mins! I had done it, I started to say goodbye and the owner from the back of the room gives me a signal, gesturing that I need to do 10 more mins while the servers finish collecting the checks….. HEEELLLLLPPPPP! Talk about “driving on empty”!  I barely made it to the finish line but I survived.

Auditioned and landed these webisode internet gig.  I Did the pilot and it was horrible. Forget low budget, this was “no budget”.  In fact, it cost me money to be in the thing since they stained one of my shirts in a scene.

4th of July with Shang in Denver.  Great shows and met up with friends from Highschool and College.   This is the best part about touring.  I have my own mini-reunions with friends all over the country.

The debut of Kvon’s “In Your Face Showcase” at the Irvine Improv!  This was my best birthday ever and not only did we sell out the comedy club, we had to turn away people at the door (which was not fun).  For the show we had a fantastic lineup and a lot of regulars said it was the best show they’ve seen.

I also received a Wii as a birthday gift.  Hope I can still find time to write jokes!

Saw the legendary Bill Cosby perform in Vegas and learned a lot.  They guy walks out as himself; Sweatpants, t-shirt, and crocs sandals.  He looks like we barged in on him and plops down in the chair as if to say, “Well, since you are here I guess ill share a few stories with you.

Went to Northeast Canada with Maz with the secret powers of Bill Cosby running through my veins.   I was more comfortable on stage after watching him.

New York with Maz. Hit them hard and let them know what the West Coast is up to…  🙂  Took photos with the NYC background and loved every second of the big apple.   First time there as a true comic for a full week.

Headlined some awesome shows in Vancouver.  Can’t wait to go back in 6 months.

Put some new pictures and audio on my website.  Also started making YOUTUBE videos each month.  They are quick funny tours of hotel rooms, my day, the food I eat, or any other thing that might seem quirky enough at the time.

Some people at MTV saw them and asked me to audition for a couple shows.  I hope to land one!  Then we can do more college shows.

Headlining some shows in Arizona which is a great warm up prior to heading overseas.

Dubai was a great experience.  A very English friendly country that is trying to cater to tourism. The only problem is they are building too many high rises at once. It’s like they saw a picture of L.A. and Vegas and decided to build it…. Immediately. There is construction everywhere and it is excessive.  The shows were hilarious and the people took good care of us.  I got a tour of the Burj Al Arab, the worlds only 7 star hotel and I swam with the dolphins which was a highlight..

The “Kvon Christmas Charity Show” at the Irvine Improv was a success.  ‘Sold Out’ again and we collected several hundred gifts for the children.   This show was a lot of planning and it worked out perfectly.   I picked Christmas songs for each of the comics to come out to.  Hannukah song for Geoff Keith, chipmunks song for Brad Williams and so forth.  And after each person I brought them a present. The “Santa Baby” dancers, a green card for Cochino, and even better I was able to play the guitar and sing with Tom Vrab to close out the show.

What an end to a great year. See you in 2010!